Julian Cope - The JEHOVAHCOAT Demos

Welcome to THE JEHOVAHCOAT DEMOS, 15 previously unreleased tracks and 5 previously unpublished poems from the Archdrude, all written and recorded throughout 1993CE in direct response to having been dropped by Island Records the previous October 1992CE. Containing that same contemporary spirit and wild musicianship that captured such Cope gems as RITE SQUARED’s ‘Hill of Odin’ and ‘Ringed Hills of Ver’, SKELLINGTON 2’s more ambient ballads and even snatches of the debut Queen Elizabeth LP, THE JEHOVAHCOAT DEMOS is an intense 65-minute journey through the music and mind of the Archdrude during his research period for both KRAUTROCKSAMPLER and THE MODERN ANTIQUARIAN. And the name THE JEHOVAHCOAT DEMOS? Throughout that immediate post-Island Records period, Cope’s erstwhile cohort and sometime producer D-R ‘Donn-eye’ Skinner referred constantly to wearing his imaginary ‘Jehovahcoat’, this being - according to Donn-eye - the ultimate Cope promo item. And so this mythical garment is now celebrated herein with these 5 unpublished poems and 15 between-time tracks all laid down during that wyrd period of ‘Jehovahcoat’.

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The Jehovahcoat Demos

PHASE ONE (19.26)

PHASE TWO (21.38)