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Julian Cope
The Megalithic European

Julian's latest book THE MEGALITHIC EUROPEAN was published in October 2004CE to massive acclaim. The book continues where THE MODERN ANTIQUARIAN left off and takes the reader on a breathtaking journey across the ancient sites of Europe. Writing of both THE MEGALITHIC EUROPEAN and THE MODERN ANTIQUARIAN in THE TIMES, Ronald Hutton asserted:

"They are a pair of gigantic concept albums that are both works of art and labours of love; and crackingly useful guidebooks as well."

Of THE MEGALITHIC EUROPEAN, Aubrey Burl has called it:
"a magnificent production, handsome, astonishingly well-illustrated and rather well-researched ... a most impressive book ... my only advantage is that I started on the frustrating venture almost forty years before Julian. But I think he's caught up!"