Julian Cope
The Modern Antiquarian

Universally praised by The Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Independent, Mail and their ilk, the first edition of 20,000 sold out in under one month! But it was the specialists and academics who really revealed the depth of Julian's new work: Ronald Hutton has called The Modern Antiquarian 'the best popular guide to Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments for half a century', whilst Aubrey Burl wrote 'such a splendid book, splendid in both its illustration and its prose, rare partners in the archaeological world. I shall use it, of course.' Even the hoary archaeology magazine Antiquity asked Julian to write for them, and has warned its crusty readers not to 'miss its message... or bury our heads in the sand.'
The Modern Antiquarian has almost 600 full-colour photographs, a gazetteer of over 300 sites; all housed in a high-gloss wipe-clean slip case.