Julian Cope
The Skellington Chronicles LP

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STOREROOM 3 NOTE: This item is part of the deadstock (new old stock stored in a warm and dark room) that has for nearly a decade been unavailable due its inaccessibility.

We have located a small quantity of this rare 1993 vinyl release, which contains Cope's acclaimed 1989 LP Skellington, plus its 1993CE sequel Skellington 2: He's Back... And This Time It's Personal. 28 songs from around the Acid-campfire!

B-STOCK NOTE: The lower price of this B-stock reflects its occasional imperfections due to long-term storage. The glossy outer sleeves and the accompanying inner bags remain in superb condition. But each one exhibits one or more imperfections – very tiny, but enough to oblige us to reduce the price accordingly. The unplayed vinyl, due to having been stored for so long, also displays some very light marks upon its surface. Understanding vinyl collectors’ diverse attitudes to methods of cleaning, and rather than ourselves attempt to get involved in cleaning these unplayed records, we have chosen to reflect possible storage wear in a lower sale price. In the event that anyone is unhappy with their purchase, we will offer returns (minus postage).