Julian Cope

Never before was the download so appropriate as here on Cope's 1999CE magnum opus ODIN, now enjoying its 10th Anniversary Edition. Running at 73 minutes in length and featuring a single unfolding track 'Breath of Odin', the Archdrude had recorded the album two years previously and had become obsessed with using it as a meditational device. However, when Dorian Cope also pronounced the CD useful to her, Cope took the hint and released the disc on Head Heritage in October 1999CE. ODIN was an unexpected internet hit, and even became infamous as a 'Doom Comedown' item sold on Greg Anderson's mighty Southern Lord mailorder. With its guidance, now enjoy simultaneously both an adventurous descent into the granite sub-basement of the Underworld and an invigorating traipse across the boundary-less wastes of space.

  1. Breath of Odin (73.41)