Julian Cope
England Expectorates

England Expectorates, cough splutter! A brand new album of 13 new songs from our nation’s favourite Wrong-Righter… Expectorates? “To cough or spit out phlegm,” as the dictionary defines it. Boris is gone, yet he’s not gone. We’ll be suffering his legacy for years. 13 feel-good songs for feel-bad times – this is the Archdrude at his most succinct, tripped-out, punky, blasted and beautiful. Containing his stage epic ‘Cunts Can Fuck Off’, here’s 13 keenly constructed missives to help get us through this ropey fucking situation.

  1. England Expectorates
  2. Exiled on Hoy
  3. Hillary in Benghazi
  4. Prodigal Sun
  5. Dickless and Ridic’lous
  6. Lard Ass of the Year
  7. I’m Bloody Sure You’re on Dope
  8. Boris Good-Enough
  9. The Day After the Aberfan Disaster
  10. All the Yin-Yangs that Give it Away
  11. Heathen Night
  12. I Know What it’s Like to be Believed
  13. Cunts Can Fuck Off