Guerilla Grow LP

Dope’s long-deleted album Guerilla Grow returns: this time on a short-run vinyl release!

Three brazen and epic grooves bestride these wild vinyl sides, beset as usual by injunctions of sound FX, hobbling samples and querulous uneasiness from the synthesiser dept.

On Side One, Chillum Ceremonìe’s monumental take on galactical systems music remains a unique and transcendental constituent of the Dope canon, while Side Two strips Dope down completely. Vocals, percussion and synthesisers rise and fall like Woden’s Wild Hunt as played by Silver Apples. The two tracks – Moses Cotsworth Rouses the Villagers of Avebury and Dabs – offer an avant slant indeed.

Oh, and dig that snazzy packaging unfolding before your very eyes, replete with Hebbs’ near-rave rendition of William Blake’s deathmask.

Strictly 1 copy per customer, please.