Julian Cope
The Unruly Imagination

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"This commemorative CD contains 50 minutes of music, including two songs from the unreleased E.P. DIGGERS, RANTERS, LEVELLERS, several brand new pieces especially recorded for this project, and songs from Cope’s vinyl-only 7” PREACHING REVOLUTION E.P. The CD features the same sumptuous packaging as Head Heritage’s Urthona album, replete with two poems printed on individual cards. This delightful package is a highly limited edition that will enjoy only this sole pressing."

Since its release four years ago, we've received such a great demand for this highly limited package that we've seen fit to press another limited run, and in its exact original form.

  1. Preaching Revolution (7.12)
  2. Militant Feminist Dream (3.13)
  3. Mother, Where Is My Father? (2.34)
  4. I Wanna Know What's In It For Me (2.20)
  5. Fuck Me U.S.A. (2.13)
  6. Gang of Four (At Home He Feels Like A Tourist) (4.06)
  7. Alexei Sayle Driver Improvement Course (2.36)
  8. Creedist Blues (3.52)
  9. James Naylor Enters Bristol On A Donkey; 1656 (5.03)
  10. Chairman Mao (14.05)
  11. Spitfire Boys (British Refugee) (3.20)