Julian Cope
Discover Odin

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STOREROOM 3 NOTE: This item is part of the deadstock (new old stock stored in a warm and dark room) that has for nearly a decade been unavailable due its inaccessibility.

We have located a handful of these very rare CD-programmes, each signed and numbered by the Archdrude. Luckily, having been stored together in a box with little else to jam against them, these items remain exactly as they left the manufacturers 18 years ago.

We note, however, that these items regularly fetch prices of over £100 on the collectors market. We have, therefore, priced these items at £50: high, but half their market price.

Please note that this is the exact CD/Booklet that accompanied Cope’s lectures at the British Museum on 4th and 5th October 2001 CE. It is a beautiful high-gloss long-box 10" x 5" presentation with 12-page 2000-word essay, and a CD programme containing approximately 45 minutes of both spoken word and music unavailable elsewhere. There has been particular praise for "The 18 Charms of Odin" and the quarter-hour poetic epic "Road to Yggdrasilbury".

NOTE: Strictly one per customer.