Julian Cope

The Archdrude’s 1995 shows spilled out over three hours: scores of songs, and different every night. Here’s a fabulous extract from Cope’s uproarious Glasgow show at the legendary Barrowlands dancehall – this raging hi-fi performance was recorded directly from the sound desk, then distilled into 69 sexy minutes of Glaswegian free-for-all. Thighpaulsandra’s only tour with Cope added a colossal orchestration even to rock standards such as ‘World Shut Your Mouth’ and ‘Reynard the Fox’, his Mellotron and Moogs herein caught at their temperamental finest; his superb harmony vocals also inspiring bassist K-R Frost and guitarist Mike Mooneye to rare heights. And check out stirring versions of ‘Leli B.’, ’Sleeping Gas’, ’Don’t Take Roots’ and ‘1995’ for the sheer Krautrock drive of Rooster Cosby’s egoless drumming. Intriguing sonic revelations abound on this writhing muscular sinewy beast! Its artwork evocatively adorned in Cope’s beloved rave orange, Barrowlands captures Cope at his stretched-out 1990s finest. A hot mess!