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Christophe F./Black Sheep
Heathen Frontiers In Sound

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HEATHEN FRONTIERS IN SOUND is the brand new album from Black Sheep member and former Universal Panzies leader Christophe F. Recorded exclusively with the help of other Black Sheep, and released on Holy McGrail’s brand new Trilithon Records label, this spiritual record sees the artist in a feisty, nay, belligerent mood. Over eight long songs, Christophe brings forth a superb and succinct set of lyrics explaining the nature of Revolution and the manner in which, he believes, this can all be effected. In true William S. Burroughsian fashion, Christophe brings us names, Greedhead companies, heck, even a few addresses. From the opening notes of the opening song ‘Gringo Blues’, listeners are pitched into a whirlpool of bitter anecdotes, eloquent poetic thought, Uber percipient comments and all delivered via catchy bastard tunes.

  1. Gringo Blues
  2. My Heathen Revolution
  3. Talkin' Revolution Blues
  4. I Never Write Slow Love Songs
  5. Black Sheep Blues
  6. Brother Motherfucker
  7. Crucifiction Blues
  8. Heathen Frontiers in Sound