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SydArthur Festival 2017 36-page Programme

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Last year, we introduced you to this, the first Psychic rock’n’roll festival, wherein we celebrate the blessed 28 days – a full lunar month – between the 2006 passing of Syd Barrett and Arthur Lee. Now, SydArthur Festival 2 is here and there’s even more reason to celebrate! For this year be the 50th anniversary of 1967’s legendary Summer of Love, that fabled time in which World Youth came together through Free Love, Psychedelics, Flowers In Their Hair, and a total embrace of World Peace.

Score now your own 36-page revised’n’updated 2017 programme, replete with a free 74-minute Summer of Love CD with commentary from Lord Yatesbury himself! Even better, there are 28 masterpieces therein: one for each day of the festival … and all of this at the same low price as last year!

(One per customer, please!)