Julian Cope presents Head Heritage

Holy McGrail
Collecting Earthquakes

Here at last, COLLECTING EARTHQUAKES is Holy McGrail's heavy-breathing and Yggdrasil-riding debut album. Clad in a faux-Armenian sleeve to die for, this is Doomsday's year zero for all you trudge metal outlaws. McGrail here presents us with 3 outrageously strung-out underworld rides into the dying embers of the West with the pride of Woden's Wild Hunt as his homeboys. Massive contributions by Brain Donor's Doggen, plus an all-inspiring collaboration with Sunn 0)))'s Stephen O'Malley.

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  1. Lady Hölle (23.45)
  2. 'Quake Appeal (28.52)
  3. Ur-Cow (Licks of Audhumla) (20.00)