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Black To Communist 2

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Like its earlier namesake, BLACK TO COMMUNIST 2 contains some of the greatest experimental music heard in a long day, this time barfing forth the full 18 minutes of Love Live Life+1’s Detroit-style freerock epic ‘The Question Mark’, and the near-20-minute MC5-like workout ‘Extraction’ from master guitarist Takayanagi and his New Direction From Arts. It’s almost impossible to believe that Masahiko Satoh’s quarter-hour-long 1971 epic ‘Amalgamation Part 1’, which opens disc two, is not a contemporary piece, as machine-gun-fire, Hitler speeches and random car crashes orchestrate a furious hard-bop beat like some Portishead re-mix of EGE BAMYASI. Speed Glue & Shinki make two unlikely appearances, first with their 13-minute Moog-only ‘Sun, Stars, Life, Moon’ and secondly with bass player Masayoshi ‘Glue’ Kabe, whose pasty phizzog graces the front cover. However, while the Taj Mahal Travellers also make a seemingly inevitable (and totally entrancing) appearance, the classy additions that make Volume 2 of this series so doggone essential are the rare-as-Pope-shit 16-minute ‘Sunrise in West Sea, part one’ (featuring allstars Masahikoh Satoh AND Taj Mahal Travellers leader Takehisa Kosugi); and even better is the Flowers’ just pre-Flower Travellin’ Band performance on the rare Tadanorii Yokoo 2LP - to have been included herein is inspirational.