Q&A 2000ce — Going Abroad

Please come to the West Coast of the US. (Anthony)

Would you please, please, come play in the States sometime? (Omaha Perez)

Are there any circumstances that might result in your doing some dates in the US? Some combination of book, solo acoustic, band, festival, maybe? (Joel, Atlanta, GA)

Why do you never play the Midwest of America? (Frank Cannon)

I know your American in-laws are on the East Coast – maybe you could visit them and do a show there some time. Any chance? (Mike J)

Does Julian have any plans to visit the States anytime soon? (JPA)

Is there any chance of you ever coming to Australia to perform? (Tim)

Any chance of New Zealand? I have such fond memories of Teardrop Explodes gigs, and I once read that you might move here some day. (Southern Fried)

Just wondering if there are any Canadian gigs planned. I missed the last one in about ‘97, but I caught Julian on the local radio saying North American big cities freaked him out a bit but the European ones didn’t, because he knew them and felt more comfortable there. I agree. Love from Toronto. (Carey)

Do you have a plan to come to my country? Don’t you have the intention to play in Japan now and in the future? In the past, you played in Japan in 1985, 1987, 1989, 1991. But you have not appeared in Japan since then up to today. (Toshiki Konno)

Do you have any plans to visit Sweden? (Thor)

When will you come to France again? (R P)

Will you come to Greece? (Janni)

Since I became a father, travelling abroad has been dependent on whether or not it involves flying, because I really dislike doing so. I’ll travel to America to see my wife’s family because the children deserve all of their heritage and all of their family. But a tour of America would involve flying from place to place, which I don’t feel I could currently attempt. Similarly, tours of Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Canada are also unlikely. But I shall be playing in Sweden in the future, and all up and down the European seaboard to the Iberian Peninsula. Perhaps the situation with America will change as I get older.