Brain Donor—
Wasted Fuzz Excessive

Brain Donor Records / 2009ce
Invocation: The Mead of Fimbulthul
  1. Gates of Skagerrak
  2. Death Becomes You
  3. Dyselxia Rules K.O.
  4. Emerging/Shadow of my Corpse
  5. Frankenstein
  6. Fokkinger Slag/The Hanging
WASTED FUZZ EXCESSIVE is the long awaited follow-up to Brain Donor's 2006CE's epic DRAIN'D BONER, this new album continuing in those dark traditions of declaimed metallic poetry, but extending further into works of epic construction and length. Driven by No Wave riffs and hoary proto-metal assaults, this Donor record burns at both ends. Here it hangs static and taut, whilst there it endures a rocket fired up its ass due to Mister E's sudden and marvellous acceleration. The seven songs pan out across over an hour of music, and include Cope's infamous stereo bass solo 'Shadow of My Corpse', previewed on his last tour. For those with a mind to listen to the far out, have it destroyed by the might of WASTED FUZZ EXCESSIVE. U-Know it makes sense … to somebody!