Brain Donor—
Too Freud To Rock'n'Roll, Too Jung To Die

Brain Donor Records / 2003ce
Studio & Live 1999-2002, 2xCD (9918-1)
CD1 - Studio Disc
  1. Schizadelic K.O.
  2. My Pagan Ass
  3. Like A Motherfucker
  4. The Two Towers
  5. White Van
  6. Love, Peace & Fuck
  7. Get Back On It
  8. Messages

CD2 - Live Disc
  1. Raising Power
  2. She Saw Me Coming
  3. Brain Donor
  4. Get Off Your Pretty Face
  5. Atomic Punk
  6. U-Know!
  7. Whole Lotta Loki
  8. Gimme Space
  9. Odin's Gift To His Mother
The vaults of the Donor have been plundered to bring you this mid-price double-CD of psychedelia, proto-metal and melodic murky lyrical genius. CD1 features studio material from 1999-2002, whilst the live CD finally unleashes the sole Queen Elizabeth Hall show from 2000's CORNUCOPEA. Listening now, it's hard to imagine why everyone walked out!

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