Julian Cope—
Revolutionary Suicide

Head Heritage / 2013ce
Disc One
  1. Hymn To The Odin
  2. Why Did The Chicken Cross My Mind?
  3. The Armenian Genocide

Disc Two
  1. Revolutionary Suicide
  2. Paradise Mislaid
  3. Mexican Revolution Blues
  4. Russian Revolution Blues
  5. They Were On Hard Drugs
  6. In His Cups
  7. Phoney People, Phoney Lives
  8. Destroy Religion
Welcome to 2013 and the truly Post-Thatcher Age, and Welcome to Julian Cope’s long delayed new album REVOLUTIONARY SUICIDE: eleven sumptuous and highly charged songs that teem with outrageous orchestrations and compellingly-crafted words of protest, activism and historical richness. Weep along with the dreadful beauty of the Archdrude’s most epic ever song ‘The Armenian Genocide’, sway with the bucolic agricultural rhythms and devotional lyrics of ‘Hymn to the Odin’, pump your fists in the air to the Detroit soul of the title-track, or just give yourself entirely to the divine-but-gaping 70-minute-long musical maw, nay, the Hot Mess that is REVOLUTIONARY SUICIDE. New poems? You got it! New concepts? You got it! We got the Mayans’ predictions out the way and we’re all still here. So maybe everything that went before 2013 was just a dry-run for what’s to come. Perhaps you’ll even believe that once you’ve heard the enormous scope and vision of REVOLUTIONARY SUICIDE.