Brain Donor—
Love Peace & Fuck

Impresario / 2001ce
CD & Double White Vinyl (IMPODD001)
  1. She Saw Me Coming
  2. Get Off Your Pretty Face
  3. Pagan Dawn
  4. Odin's Gift to his Mother:
    1. Theme from "Speed Kills"
    2. Shamanic 4 a.m.
    3. Consecrate the Fucker
    4. Huntsabbers' Ball
  5. Lughnasad
  6. U-Know!
  7. You Take The Credit
  8. Hairy Music
  9. She's Gotta Have It
U-gotta love this first Donor album. U-need a group that plays only joyrider fast or tractor driver slow. Look to these three face-painted double-axe wielders for education, clues and navigation. Open your mind to their righteous hooky psychobabble and unsane unbalanced sonic distortion.
Kerrang's review of this album says: "Cope's new band pisses on those half his age by grunging up a raucous garage noise that makes The Stooges sound over-produced ... more inventive than the slew of copycat stoners ... and twice as exhilarating".

Love Peace & Fuck - Libretto