Black Sheep—
Kiss My Sweet Apocalypse 2

Invada / 2009ce
Disc 1
  1. Ernesto
  2. Protest-Underground
  3. Che
Disc 2
  1. Underground Resistance
  2. Leila Khaled
  3. Kiss My Sweet Apocalypse
KISS MY SWEET APOCALYPSE 2 is the debut 2CD set from Julian Cope's brand new free action group Black Sheep, a leathery ten-piece ensemble of outsider reprobates whose spirited performances upon massed orchestral percussion (floor toms, marching bass drums, cymbal), Mellotron 400s and massed acoustic guitars summon dead ancestors and memories of times past in an effort to achieve total psychic Meltdown. Black Sheep music is of the moment, beautiful as a princess one minute, hobbling like a smitten ditch-dweller the next. Songs are long and strung out, combining chanting and street protest with ambient meditations on the Culture Heroes of the Past. Eulogies to such Revolutionaries as Che Guevara ('Ernesto', 'Che') and one of Cope's long time obsessions Leila Khaled, are offset by chanting and massed drum workouts ('Protest Underground', 'Underground Resistance') and tripped out ambulant drum pieces such as the 28-minute-long title track, masterfully directed by Holy McGrail. Clothed in a rich Anarchist red-and-black deluxe multi-digipak, replete with a 24-page booklet, KISS MY SWEET APOCALYPSE 2 is, unfortunately, available to Motherfuckers and the children of Motherfuckers only.