Julian Cope—
Floored Genius 3

Head Heritage / 2000ce
CD (HH8)
Julian Cope's Oddicon Of Lost Rarities And Versions (1978-98)

  1. Ascending
  2. Conspiracist Blues
  3. Propheteering
  4. Mighty Carl Jung
  5. Highway Blues
  6. Sqwubbsy versus King Plank
  7. You Can't Hurt Me Anymore
  8. Oh Yeah, But Never Like This Before
  9. The One I Call My Own
  10. Jellypop Perky Jean
  11. Tighten-Up
  12. Zabriskie Point
  13. I Need Someone
  14. Prince Varmint
  15. Competition - Rabbi Joseph Gordan
  16. Satisfaction - with Will Sergeant & Paul Simpson
Julian and I have been together for nearly 20 years, and that's the period that this LP spans. I wasn't around for the recording of "Satisfaction", but that is the only track here that I don't have a deeply personal relationship with. I love these songs, and I've been hassling Julian to put them out for ages. The atmosphere here is different from Floored Genius 1 & 2, as most of the songs have never been released or performed before. Many of the tracks were recorded during periods that Julian was in between record deals... I would inevitably grow very attached to them only to be disappointed when they didn't make it on to the next LP. But here they are now, alongside some cult classics, live recordings and alternative versions. It's an eclectic collection that covers most of the phases of Julian's musical career. But its sources have been untapped before now, so even though it goes back to 1978, it sounds like a Brand New Julian LP.
And that's always a beautiful thing.

Dorian Cope
Spring 2000CE