Julian Cope—
Dark Orgasm

Head Heritage / 2005ce
Disc One
  1. Zoroaster
  2. White Bitch Comes Good
  3. She's Got A Ring On Her Finger (& Another One Through Her Nose)
  4. Mr. Invasion
  5. Nothing To Lose Except My Mind
  6. I've Found A New Way To Love Her
  7. I Don't Wanna Grow Back

Disc Two
  1. The Death & Resurrection Show
A second Cope album for '05, DARK ORGASM is a violent sequence of outcast broadsides leveled at the coming new 21st-century conservatism. Dressed in 8 songs of guitar-heavy hard rock split into two short CDs for maximum enjoyment, you can drain your brain to the seven shorter songs of Disc One, then feed your head with the 21-minute garage blitz of Disc Two's 'The Death & Resurrection Show'. The 16-page booklet of poetry and lyrics is all wrapped up in a delightful iron cross-inscribed box.