Julian Cope—
Black Sheep

Head Heritage / 2008ce
Disc 1: Return of the Native
  1. Come The Revolution
  2. It's Too Late To Turn Back Now
  3. These Things I Know
  4. Psychedelic Odin
  5. Blood Sacrifice
  6. The Shipwreck of St. Paul

Disc 2: Return of the Alternative
  1. All The Blowing-Themselves-Up Motherfuckers (Will Realise The Minute They Die That They Were Suckers)
  2. Feed My Rock'n'Roll
  3. Dhimmi is Blue
  4. The Black Sheep's Song
  5. I Can Remember This Life
Cope's new BLACK SHEEP album is a hefty declaration of what it is to be an outsider in the current society of 2008CE. On this riot of revolutionary campfire songs, Cope and his Mellotron 400 are joined by longtime compadres Doggen on acoustic guitar and synthesist Holy McGrail, plus new acoustic guitarists/singers Michael O'Sullivan and Acoustika. The result is a heathen protest racket akin to David Peel jamming with J. Morrison and the Plastic Ono Band. Ostensibly a sequel to last year's YOU GOTTA PROBLEM WITH ME, BLACK SHEEP delivers 11 hard-hitting protest songs and one epic poem across two half-hour CDs, delivered in the usual (and sumptuous) Head Heritage outer box.