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Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 28 November 2020 CE
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keith a
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Edited Nov 30, 2020, 19:05
Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 28 November 2020 CE
Nov 30, 2020, 18:51
Standhouden (45) – De Ambassade
Interesting in an early 80's kinda way recent release. One side side sounds like a cross between early Depeche Mode and SPK, whilst the other reminds me of Everything's Gone Green-era New Order where they still had something of the Joy Division doominess even though they were branching to pastures new.

Substance – New Order
Be A Rebel (45) – New Order
Talking of who...Admittedly Be A Rebel is not their greatest ever single (many of which are on Substance) but it's nice to hear them again all the same and the remixes are enjoyable if you want to be transported back to 1993 for a bit.

Metamorphosis – Rolling Stones
Living In A Ghost Town (45) – Rolling Stones
Compilation of early stuff and the recent single. OK the latter is a bit ripped off from The Specials but I like it all the same. A quick mention for the production...OK they can obviously afford the best, but it really is rather good. It almost sounds like Jagger is in the room at one point, though admittedly that will not be everyone's idea of fun.

Mutant Moment (EP) - Soft Cell
Cruelty Without Beauty – Soft Cell
Recent re-issue of the debut ep (I don't have the original sadly as it's worth a bit!). It's an interesting 'left-field' record that has more in common with the type of oddball stuff that Peel would have played back then than the chart material of the times. I certainly don't think many folk would have chanced a fiver on them having the best selling single of the year a year later on the basis of this! Their early 2000's comeback album has also been re-issued in an expanded version. Hopefully it will get more recognition this time around as it's a corker!


Karma & Desire – Actress

Gold Record – Bill Callahan

War Machine – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Rockfield Files (EP) – The Damned

A Few Scattered Hours – Memory Drawings

The Spice Of Life – Marlena Shaw

Return Of Django - The Upsetters

Head In The Clouds – V/A

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