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Elevators Re-issues on CD...
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Edited Mar 17, 2020, 16:12
Re: Elevators Re-issues on CD...
Mar 17, 2020, 16:11

Yeah, i've either heard and or owned many of the earlier cd editions since mid/late 90´s (the first three albums, live material and compilations). And the Sign Of The Three Eyed Men box set was a total revelation and easily sounds best to my ears. I remember reading that those aforementioned Charly editions are from the same source. Though there might be some differences with the mixes etc., as, I think, the mixes for the two first albums on the vinyl box that followed the 2009 "Three Eyed Men" 10cd set were again somewhat different compared (don't remember how no exactly, gotta check..).

I actually got both cd and vinyl boxes at the time, Elevators being one of my all time faves! The cd box has a brilliant coffee table book included as well as (highly recommended!) live stuff: the "live in Texas disc with some early live appearances of them at perhaps their most ridiculously unhingedly energetic (in a good way..).and the San Francisco gig on acid that was released as "Live" with overdubs from a boxing match or some such and interspersed somewhat confusingly with otherwise brilliant outtake material (that was again included in the 10cd set as "Headstone - Contact Sessions" and is basically their unreleased punkier first album! That was released by Charly as a single cd as well, apparently).

The "Live Evolution Lost" 2cd/3lp set, released 2014 by IA/Charly also, is priceless if your a huge fan, but also a bit heavy as it's basically a document of the whole band collapsing on (a revolving) stage: Roky forgetting lyrics, Stacy Sutherland going through a nightmare trip where he saw his imminent untimely death (that happened few years later), etc.

I like all the mixes basically, for one reason or other. But I think the mono's sound deeper and certainly bass heavier (at least on vinyl) in general and in the case of Easter Everywhere there's some electric jug overdubs that are not on the stereo mix. The original pressings of "Psychedelic Sounds" thunder away like nothing else, but still the new ones sound awesome (either on vinyl or cd)!

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