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Kid Calamity
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Edited Dec 12, 2017, 15:36
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Dec 07, 2017, 14:56
What are your personal best and worst musical memories of the last twelve months?

I've not purchased that many records that have actually been released this year, but I've discovered lots and bought several in 'hindsight'.

Kikagaku Moyo played a great gig in Drum, in the Summer and I bought their 2016 album 'House In The Tall Grass' album.

BTW They were supported by our very own Earthling Fred and his excellent, wigged out - and slightly dark and haunted Earthling Society.

Jane Weaver also played a cracking gig, at the same venue - and i picked up her new 2017 'Modern Kosmology' album.

'Assault 2' by Scissorgun. Really flipping' good!!

I've also seen top gigs by (in no particular order) Heliocentrics, Gorillaz, Tony Allen, Pictish Trail, Camille O'Sulivan and Adam Ant.

On the psych festival circuit, where i've been keeping myself occupied most Summer weekends, i must also report bands of note; Zofff, The Frankleys, Beastfish, Deltanaut, Magic Bus, Doozer McDooze and Strange Folk. All of these bands, whilst not as well known as those above are well worth investigating, imo. I've bought or swapped CDs by many of them.

As a player of no fixed band, I've had the great honour to have jammed with some utter crackers, too. I must give heads up to Silver Trees, Monkeytrial, vert:x, Shankara Andy Bole, and Mark Robson.

Good records (not necessarily made in 2017) were also bought by Tony Allen, Heliocentrics, Hawkwind, T.REX, Bjork...

I've probably forgotten and omitted a few, so might return and edit this post. What have been your highlights?

Here's where I started: http://www.headheritage.co.uk/headtohead/unsung/topic/75976/threaded/950618
Paul Higgins
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Edited Dec 10, 2017, 05:57
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Dec 10, 2017, 05:55
Sorry this is not a proper reply to your post but I discovered this mix of 2017 music the other day which I thought looks interesting and might be worth a listen.

No tracklisting on it though unfortunately!

It just says....

A compilation of tracks from some of my favourite albums of 2017. Featuring DUDS, Breakfast Muff, Spinning Coin, Priests, Jane Weaver, John Maus, Mope Grooves, Crumbs, Autobodies, Feature, Omni, Protomartyr, Downtown Boys & more!

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Re: 2 0 1 7
Dec 12, 2017, 14:24
Not ignored this thread KC, but have been been wracking my brain to think of stuff from this year I've bought, that is from this year. Like yourself, think 99% of what I've physically bought has been older musics, compilations of older stuff or reissues.
Have listened to a lot of new stuff via Youtube, Bandcamp or spotify, but not picked up a lot of actual 2017 product. Think most of the last few years have been playing catch up from previous year tbh.

Hell, only band I saw was Shellac, so not even been out to gigs much.

Mate sent me a DL link to this 'best of' 2017 mix if anyones interested.....Quite a good mix of stuff.

Here's a fairly exhaustive list of 2017 releases with 7 or more reviews to get on the list....Wow, lot of stuff.

Anyhow, in no particular order or year of release, here's a top 10 of what i've enjoyed most that I bought in 2017.

Can - The singles (Spoon)
Coil - Timemachines (Dais Records)
XAM Duo - S/T (Sonic Cathedral)
Virginia Wings - Measures Of Joy (Fire Records)
Various - Lessons (Front and Follow) (2017)
Dope - Geurilla Grow (Environmental Studies) (2017)
Various - Harbinger Sound (Harbinger records) (2017)
Gnod - Just Say no....(Rocket Recordings) (2017)
John Foxx - Evidence (Metamatic)
Primitive Knot - Sub Temple ov the Mirror Cosmos (Bandcamp 2017)
Close To The Noise Floor - Formative UK Electronica 1975 - 1984 (Cherry Red)
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Re: 2 0 1 7
Dec 12, 2017, 17:38
The Necks: UNFOLd

Samsara Blues Experiment: One With the Universe

Curtis Harding: Face Your Fear

Tony Allen: The Source

Heliocentrics: A World of Masks

Vieux Farka Toure: Samba

Jah9: 9

Mad Professor Meets Jah9

Kutimangoes: Made In Africa

Offa Rex: Queen of Hearts
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Re: 2 0 1 7
Dec 13, 2017, 12:44
Always a privileged to see Dreadzone.

PiL were on form as well.

Julian back in Feb was a star, as ever.

In particular I enjoyed Jah Wobble and Kikagaku Moyo

I also enjoyed Leftfield and Orbital at the Beyond the Tracks festival
jb lamptoast-morsley
jb lamptoast-morsley
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Re: 2 0 1 7
Dec 13, 2017, 13:38
Seachange festival was the first more than one day festival I've been to and stayed at for a very long time - 2002 I think. Glad to have done that. Highlights of that were:

Teleplasmiste - Orb like soundscapes and samplery
Wovoka Gentle - reminded me of Roxy Music in places
Will Stratton - solid singer songwriter
Michael Chapman - We all know about him don't we?
Masayoshi Fujita - Vibraphone player extraordinaire
Jambanai - Post Rock South Korean band
Seahawks - Similarly Orb like
Ill - All female upstarts
Trembling Bells - Old fashioned Folk Rock Band
Julie Byrne - meditative songwriter textures
Ryley Walker - Quite a catch with full band.

If I had to pick out a fav it would be Jambanai whose CD A Hermitage I have been listening to all day.

Other gigs I am trying to remember:

Robert Plant - Plymouth Pavillions

Oliver Haigh & The Worm - Old Bakery Studio, Truro

Several Sofar Sounds gigs; the highlights being Little Lapin, Eve Goodman, Floralyn George and Pearl Love. In Truro and Falmouth area

Milk - New Inn Tywardreath. Budgie wannabees which is a noble aspiration

Spectres - Mono, Falmouth

Can't remember too many bad gigs

Already mentioned the Jambinai one... Struggling to find any actually...

La Feline - Triomphe
Nadine Shah - Holiday Destination
Oiseaux-Tempete - Al'An!
Randy Newman - Dark Matter
Teleplasmiste - Frequency is the new Ectasy
Kid Calamity
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Re: 2 0 1 7
Dec 13, 2017, 14:20
Were Dreadzone & PIL this year? Oh blimey. I saw their Leicester date. I was very impressed by Dreadzone, but PIL kinda went on a fair bit at the same tempo and style.
dave clarkson
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Edited Dec 13, 2017, 16:53
Re: 2 0 1 7
Dec 13, 2017, 16:42
Cheers and thanks for the Scissorgun mentions in this thread.

This was my 50th year on the planet. Got off to a hard start with some personal stuff but soon developed into a great year musically after chucking all energy and time into it...

Personal music wise, I finally kicked the door in (after 30 years!) to getting a flavour of good distribution, radio play and sales. The Scissorgun project (with the logistical and art help of James Nice at LTM) resulted in the release of our debut album in September which received nice reviews in MOJO, Louder Than War and Electronic Sound magazine. We played 3 gigs – best performance being the one in London supporting Wolfgang Flur - who also signed my vinyl copy of Trans Europe Express, which was a high. Received good album feedback from Stephen Mallinder, Chris Carter and Mark Reeder which was a boost. We’re now working on new material - currently sounding a bit more electronic/ techno with a future sound.
My solo CD on Linear Obsessional called ‘Red Guide to Coastal Quicksand of British Isles’ (bit of a mouthful) surprised me with the reception and radio play it got on WFMU, Steve Barker OTW show and Stuart Maconies’ Freak Zone. There’s a companion album due out in a few weeks called ‘Blue Guide to Shore Ghosts and Sea Mystery’ on the same label, which features Graham Massey and Ruthie Davies, so excited about that. Thanks to Richard Sanderson for all his support in putting these CDs out. We did two gigs to promote them in London at Richard’s label nights – and very much enjoyed the other acts who performed including great performances from Chris Whitehead, Me-Claudius, Viv Corringham and the Hither Green Improvisers Group.
Other personal highlights were a rebuild of home studio and a trip to Strawberry Studios to see some of Martin Hannetts’ old gear (music gear!).

Recordings of the year I most enjoyed….
Billy Childish – Brand New Cage + Buff Medways reissues on Damaged Goods.
Crocodile Records 7 inch releases.
Various Linear Obsessional releases including the Black Path, Steven Ball, Browne/ Thompson/ Sanderson and Chris Cundy
Gargarin – Corvid
Kamasi Washington – Harmony of Difference
A Certain Ratio reissues on Mute especially Graveyard and the Ballroom CD.
Durutti Column reissues and Ghosts of Xmas Past - LTM
Thought Bubble – bandcamp downloads
Duds – of a Nature or Degree

Gigs of the year most enjoyed….
Kraftwerk – Bridgwater Hall, Manchester
Wire – The Haunt, Brighton
Jah Wobble & Invaders of the Heart – Ruby Lounge, Manchester
Vic Godard/ Subway Sect/ Poppycock – Gullivers, Manchester
Umut Caglar /Graham Masssey/ Paddy Steer - Islington Mill, Salford
Ruts DC- Apollo, Manchester
Duds – the Deaf Institute, Manchester
The Blockheads – Derby Halls, Bury
Mark Pilkington – Texture, Manchester
Linear Obsessional nights at Deptford and Lewisham.

I’ll shut up now – have a great seasonal holiday everyone and a safe and stable 2018 – much love and thanks for the support over the year x
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Edited Dec 13, 2017, 17:52
Re: 2 0 1 7
Dec 13, 2017, 17:48
Fave albums of the year

The Residents - The Ghost of Hope

Alio Die - They Grow Layers Of Life Within

Fleet Foxes - "Crack Up"

Steven Wilson - To The Bone

Sparks - Hippopotamus

Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band - Adiós Señor Pussycat

Steve Roach - Spiral Revelations

Brian Eno - Reflection
dave clarkson
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Re: 2 0 1 7
Dec 13, 2017, 18:12
Thanks for your support
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