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Me, me, me!
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Kid Calamity
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Edited Sep 18, 2017, 10:38
Me, me, me!
Sep 18, 2017, 10:15
I've been collaborating and jamming with various bands and artistes, since the demise of my Glowpeople combo, last Summer. One particular festival, a few weeks ago, actually saw me perform with a total of five different acts as either drummer or percussionist.

I'm now in a proper band called Black Light Secret - and will be playing at a couple of shindigs, before 2017 is done. We'll then retire to a lush and verdant corner of Worcestershire to write and rehearse for 2018.

Quietly, in the background of all this activity, an occasional ambient thing called Thought Bubble has slowly been going on. Here's a link to a couple of pieces, if you'd like a few minutes in my world: http://bubble.bandcamp.com

It's basically me and my former bandmate, the keys player from Glowpeople, just hooking up in a rehearsal studio and jamming around riffs and rhythms. As before, i record the noises, as we do them and, on my big computer, mix the tracks. He'll then send me additional tracks to sync in - and, on occasion, I'll send these to muzo chums I've met on the psych festival circuit and they in turn send me some new elements.
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