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Rhymes In Lyrics
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Re: Rhymes In Lyrics
Jul 12, 2017, 11:59
Vybik Jon wrote:
I'm partial to a rhyme in lyrics.

Not the moronic banality of, say, morning/dawning nor the forced awfulness of something line "Going to write a classic, Going to write it in an attic".

But I do like a slightly unexpected rhyme and here's 2 personal favourites for starters:

Motorhead: "Fourth in a five day marathon, We're moving like a parallelogram"

The Ramones: "Now I guess I'll have to tell 'em, That I've got no cerebellum"

Any more for any more?

Aha, I like where you're coming from here;

Speaking of Hawkwind (via Motorhead) - I really like the slight internal rhyme of "so your thoughts they were expecting assault and battery of the human anatomy",
and you can add pretty much the entirety of Orgone Accumulator - particularly the line "Energy simulators, just turn your eyeballs into craters".

As for Cope, he must have loads (given his fondness for throwing esoteric cultural and archaeological references into most of his latter day work) - the first one that springs to mind being the rhyming of "...weight of the world", with "feelin' very Aubrey Burl'd" in Dying To Meet You.
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