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New Matt Baldwin Record
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New Matt Baldwin Cassette - Wander the Night
Nov 12, 2020, 01:26

Just released new tape from the old reliable, Matt Baldwin. All his albums are still available from his bandcamp, which is good but a crime they haven't sold out. When people are complaining about Neil Young gouging people with his Archives releases (which aren't half as good as the bad half of his albums), and yet amazing music like this goes unheard.....

Also another bandcamp find is this one


Coz The Shroom. Apparently recorded circ 85-90, this guy was a peer to Daniel Johnston in 80s Austin, but never had the street cred like DJ. On the same label as Quttinirpaaq, who was hyped by Julian in the old days of the Drudion.

Give it a listen and buy if you dig. You dig?
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