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most psychedelic record you've heard?
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Edited Feb 19, 2015, 23:58
most psychedelic record you've heard?
Feb 19, 2015, 23:25
Just wondering if there are any recommendations for overtly psychedelic records or recordings anybody can offer.

Could be in any genre as long as it is trepanningly eye opening.
I do love material from the original late 60s. early 70s era but know that there are a lot of jazz, world, dub, post-punk and a myriad of other genres that could offer potential candidates.
Always looking for more stuff to hear and very interested in this direction of things

I don't want to sway the list so won't put any suggestions in the initial post. So hoping people can supply suggestions.

Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Edited Feb 20, 2015, 00:20
Re: most psychedelic record you've heard
Feb 20, 2015, 00:03
...Eek, no idea. That's kind of like asking what's your favourite breathe of air. Caroliner? Catherine Ribeiro? Brast Burn/Karuna Khyal? Perhaps Henry Flynt's You Are My Everlovin'/Celestial Power? High Rise? For me it would have to be something pretty tantric, or perhaps one of the more out there '80s tapes I have.

There's a Japanese band called Juke/19 I think I'd plump for. Got a boxset by them called 1978-1982 that's pretty much my favourite boxset of all time. Unfortunately, they're too psychedelic even for youtube. Their brainchild did once do a collab with Boredoms' Yamatsuka Eye that's also pretty close to being as out there as psyche ever got, at least in my experience, and that is on youtube. Puzzle Punks I think they named themselves. Very Brotzmann. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr1Z6jYqDyk
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Re: most psychedelic record you've heard
Feb 20, 2015, 00:43
Pretty easy for me really. Captain Beefheart - 'Ice Cream For Crow'. Then I heard 'Electricity' on The John Peel Show, which was life-changing. I had no idea this footage existed until quite a few years later.

dave clarkson
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Re: most psychedelic record you've heard?
Feb 20, 2015, 01:04
Some of the early 'industrial' albums were more psych...
TG - 2nd annual report
Cabaret Voltaire - Mix Up
Portion Control - terror leads to better days.

Conventionally - Love's Da Capo.
She Comes in Colours lives on in Beautiful Stranger

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Re: most psychedelic record you've heard?
Feb 20, 2015, 01:25
It's Synthetik 1 (1973), by Seesselberg:

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Re: most psychedelic record you've heard?
Feb 20, 2015, 03:48
The term can be attached to so many genres of music its a really hard thing to answer but...Playing with fire by spacemen 3 and volunteers by Jefferson airplane come to mind.
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Re: most psychedelic record you've heard?
Feb 20, 2015, 04:48
You've a fairly wide palate, so you've probably heard many of these already, but here's a few of my fav's.

Psychedelia Through Frequencies
Slowly builds into a mindfuck of oscillators. (Headphones and LOUD is best...17.59 is the start point if you want the freq's) Coil - Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil
Live event with visuals (first half)

Metal Machine Music - IV - Locked Groove

Oneida - Sheets of Easter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT26L1vtgkE
Oneida - Antibiotics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGf9kUv7j9g
Parson Sound - From Tunis To India In Fullmoon
International Harvester - Skördetider (Harvest Times)

Fuct up Trad stylee (Fuzz and Oscillators)
Christine Onna 23 - Acid Now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGSKY-HfIfk
Christine Onna 23 - Top Of Spot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4NB8C424So
Christine Onna 23 - Drive To Crystal Planet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6k73V4ru3RM

Daffy Sound FX
Brainticket - Cottonwoodhill
Boredoms - Vision Creation New Sun

Second half of this is lush. Sit back and relax...it's otherworldliness in terms of instrumentation used can really take you places.
Brian Jones - The Pipes Of Pan At Joujouka.

Ozrics ALWAYS put on a good show when your mind is otherwise ,ahem, engaged. Think its' that slick over production. Has given many of my off world experiences a pleasant 'glisten' over the years. These track esp...
Sliding and Giding - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TX0XoiKa0Vs
Kick Muck - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Kxr3N2ht6Q
Agog in the Ether - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pupuJWQJnvs
(Always thought FSOL/Amorphous Androgynous nicked the sound of the last track wholesale)

Was a list on Quietus a while ago for Modern Euro Psych. Most will be known to HH regualrs, but a few I'd not heard of.
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Re: most psychedelic record you've heard?
Feb 20, 2015, 05:05
Another stoned out records:

Heaven's End - Loop

Dead in the Water - The Heads

Electric Heavyland - Acid Mothers Temple

Mellow Out - Mainliner

U.F.O - Guru Guru

Chico Magnetic Band - Chico Magnetic Band

An Electric Storm - White Noise

Ptoof! - The Deviants

PATGOD - Pink Floyd
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Re: most psychedelic record you've heard?
Feb 20, 2015, 07:15
I think its hard to convey to others what "psychedelic" really is. I think most people generally think its what you "trip out" too......but my favorite psychedelic albums often are the ones that ground you and give you that interconnectedness that blows you away while undergoing a trip.

Good Vibe Psych favorites are:

Donovan: A Gift From a Flower to a Garden (you can live inside this album)
Pearls Before Swine: These Things Too
Kaleidoscope: Faintly Blowin'
Pink Floyd: Piper at the Gates.....

Trip Out music

United States of America (Broadcast built a career off the first track of their first lp)
Mark Wirtz (as producer from 1967 to 1969) "mr. weatherman"
Beach Boys: Smile (official or unofficial bootlegs, always fascinating)

I don't necessarily think you have to get particularly obscure to be the "most psychedelic". Some of the best are actually the most popular like Love's "forever changes" ect. I also love cheesy psych like the Strawberry Alarm Clock. Hell they had some great songs actually.
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Edited Feb 20, 2015, 07:34
Re: most psychedelic record you've heard?
Feb 20, 2015, 07:33
also i didn't list them because i think that so many people here also listen to krautrock but some of my favorite stoner/psych music that i've listened to over the past few years just happen to fall in that category. My favorites over the last while are:

Dom: Edge of Time (truly great meditative stoner classic)
Broselmaschine: s/t
Bokaj Retsiem: Psychedelic Underground
Between: And the Waters Opened
Anexuss Quam: Osmose
Agitation Free: At the Cliffs of River Rhine
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