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keith a
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Re: Horrors
Sep 15, 2013, 10:26
stray wrote:
Oh god, my list is long, and as I get older and more intolerant it grows and grows. Not individual tracks cos it would be too long.

Mum - Anything by them once they added vocals (so thats the whole back catalog pretty much). All part of the annnoying trend of the infantilisation of women vocalists. See also Joanna Newsome, and any of the fucking thousands of bands around that feature (or solo artists that are) women vocalists who sing like 12 year olds, and pose in photos like little girls lost with toes pointing inwards etc.

Yes - Everything by them in every lineup really. I don't actually have a general hatred of prog (well, not exactly). It's just it's not as fucking clever, impressive, nor innovative, nor deep as it pretends to be. A puddle with a thin film of oil on it looks really impressive and full of colours. It's still a bloody puddle though with all the requisite depth of one.

Dishonest Music - Not a band, nor a genre, just contrived niche market aimed bollocks. Something which 'alternative' or 'independent' music suffers greatly from. You know you're not actually listening to the artist, you're listening to what they think they can sell you.

talking of..

90% of Electronic dance music these days also - As Kenny Larkin said recently upon browsing Beatport looking for tunes to buy.. 'What have these motherfuckers done to the electronic music we love'.

Now get off my lawn.

And on the new series of Grumpy Old Men we have Stray... ;)
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