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Moon Cat
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Re: Visconti speaks
Jan 09, 2013, 11:11
Kid Calamity wrote:
Tony Visconti wrote:
"I've been listening to this on headphones walking through the streets of New York for the past two years, and I have not tired of a single song."

So, these tracks are two years old?

Nothing really unusual in that in terms of Big Artist recording times these days, especially as it could be a mix of stuff done in the last few years and/or in the last few weeks really.

I must say, I agree with others on here in admiring the way the release of the new material has been handled, especially in this era of Spoilers telegraphed months before the event. Surprise seems to be devalued commodity these days. It was like the BBC News 24 interview with Jimmy Page recently. The journo, just doing her job I know, ended with questions about new things he was working on to which he responded in a polite but guarded manner. She kinda pressed on and you could see JP was not being evasive as such but more being "wait and see". It's like there's a impatient taste for being spoon-fed every last detail of a 'thing', be it album, film, book and so on, before its released. And in, this era of multi-platform media where you have the same info being imparted across every available format, it's like there's no mystique about anything anymore. Everyone wants to know NOW and there's no shortage of people willing to shout it at you.
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