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Top ten worst ever rock ballads
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Moon Cat
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Edited Aug 09, 2012, 15:28
Re: Top ten worst ever rock ballads
Aug 09, 2012, 15:28
Seb wrote:
Nice topic.

A power ballad shouldn't bore you, it should make you want to secretly weep whilst punching the air. The following power ballads bore me to fucking tears and I despise them for it.

And although Aerosmith ballsed up their career with all the sodding ballads, their ballads aren't actually all that bad, they're better than most. Tyler has an artful way with a middle-eight, see The Reason a Dog from Done With Mirrors or Hole in my Soul from Nine Lives.

Power Ballads should also spur you on to success and the eventual fulfilment of your dreams against all adversity, maybe in some kind of montage moment. I had "Dream on" in my headphones when I went to the shops and got loads of stuff done. Even bought a lottery ticket on the way home! Didn't win anything so I stuck on "Alone" by Heart to get through it.

Agree entirely re: The 'Smiths. Tyler does have a dab hand with a crusty heart-wrencher. It's when they got all Diane Warranised and the dollars rolled in they went to plop. It's still not too late for them to rock the fuck out.
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