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Top ten worst ever rock ballads
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Edited Aug 09, 2012, 07:57
Re: Top ten worst ever rock ballads
Aug 09, 2012, 07:40
keith a wrote:
Moon Cat wrote:
wychburyman wrote:
Lawrence wrote:
Sad Cafe were one of those Manchester England cult bands, the kind only really talked about in that area (I suppose.) If it wasn't for the Buzzcocks and Joy Division, that would be the only thing the city would be known for.

hahahhahha. I forgot about Sad Cafe. Didn't they do a song called "my oh my" as well?

Slade did a song called "My oh My" if that's what your're thinking of praps?

No, WBM is right - Sad Cafe did have a single called My Oh My. A top 20 hit in 1980. A bit Stonesy IIRC.

At the risk of losing that final tiny oz of credibility I really liked their first album, Fanx Ta Ra at the time (hello I Music Snob!), especially the single Black Rose, even though I was very into punk by then.

Funny you should say that. I was taken to see them at the (half empty) Lyceum in 1978 around the time of that album by my then girlfriend and they were really good. Much more muscular than you would expect from the records and akin to other nearly-but-not-quite-succesfful mainstream bands of that era. Bands with a lot of carefully tended facial hair - Crawler, Moon, Band Called O etc. Blandness on record was the curse of many a up and coming mainstream band in that era. In the face of Punk seems bands were being encouraged to go after the 10cc / Supertramp soft rock $$$$ in a Punk-free North America. Which you could argue left the door open for NWOBHM. Metal abhors a vaccum!

Whatever their merits it has to be said that Fanx Ta Ra had one of those hard to believe "what's wrong with being sexist?" front covers - an image that even Coverdale would think twice about. What were they thinking?!
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