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Top ten worst ever rock ballads
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Moon Cat
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Re: Top ten worst ever rock ballads
Aug 07, 2012, 15:33
Some I like, some I don't...Like a lot of pop/rock/whatever.

Funny, I also can't stand Starships "Nothing's Gonna Stop us Now" but think JEFFERson Starship's "Jane" is one of the greatest things ever made ever.

Can't believe that this thread seems to be directed at what is supposedly a 'fundementally riduculous form'.

Er...Hello? About 98% of popular music of any stripe is fucking ridiculous! That's why it's great! Release! Abandon! Joyous tracjectories of silliness. Absurdity as art form. Eff YOO ENN! The only time it's funnier is when it takes itself sphincter-clenchingly seriously.

God help us if we were to live in some hideous Mojo mag world where 'gravitas', 'importance' and 'seriousness' and...gwsg... 'authenticity' is mandatory and anything else has you shot behind the Ministry of Profound. Where we have to pray towards Elvis Costello five times a day and chin stroking is an Olympic sport and everyones history is Orwellified so that everyone's first album was "The Velvet Underground and Nico"

Blimey, I bet Brain Donor caused some proper cognitive dissonance when they first unleashed 'emselves unto us all.
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