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Edited Sep 10, 2010, 08:54
Re: Live Albums
Sep 10, 2010, 08:47
Dog 3000 wrote:
Aw shucks, I thought that was the same lineup. Still a memorable live album from back in the day, though Black Flag did several live albums.

I probably need to hear this one then?


Could be that is the audio to the dvd the clip you linked to was from. don't think that was Leeds & I do think it had some effects applied.
But I don't think it's as good as the Marquee show, but that might be cos I'm more familiar with the Marquee show. I was in the audience, then got given a tape a few years later. It was circulated by somebody else on various torrent sites a while back. I keep hearing more of a link wrayish influence than elsewhere.

Dog 3000 wrote:

I do think Kira's bass was distinctive and important -- she had the patience to hold things down in a trancelike manner while Ginn did his spazzy stuff. She plays on all of their "jammier" albums starting with "Slip It In" through their final studio album

she later married Mike watt and they had the bass duo Dos together.
She was the sister of the Screamers Paul Roessler too

Dog 3000 wrote:

(Ginn played the bass himself on "My War.") Though after she quit (carpal tunnel had something to do with it and also college), they did play some more gigs before throwing in the towel less than a year later.

I don't think much of what I've heard of the later line-up. Doesn't have the groove or swing of Roessler/Stevenson.

Dog 3000 wrote:

And Stevenson is a terrific drummer, one of the best of the punk era -- he left Black Flag for The Descendents and All (that's the band called "ALL" I mean.)

read in This Band could Be your Life last night that Stevenson was not greatly enamoured of the direction he helped create, thinking Flag were a good twisted punk band rather than a twisted metal one.
But utterly awesome nonetheless to me anyway. Think they were despised for going 'metal' but their sound is really prescient of later stoner rock.

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