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I'm glad they cleared that up for us
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Lonesome Cowboy Bill
Lonesome Cowboy Bill
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Re: I'm glad they cleared that up for us
Mar 26, 2010, 16:43
Daminxa wrote:
Yeah Mani is rather, ahem, PETITE in real life isn't he?

Truth be told I don't have a type. I'm not fussy. I don't think I would go for Liam though, cos regardless of his looks I think he's an arrogant twat with vaguely misogynistic tendancies. I wouldn't want to cop off with someone like that. I have my standards. They're not high, but they are there, and he falls well below them.

You're on a roll today Daminxa......someone's gonna be hitching a ride over your way on the next ladybird with that kinda talk. Gercha!

Years back, in a galaxy far far away, well Chelmsford to be precise, Oasis played a tiny gig in a local pub. Being fans at that time we all rolled down there to pay homage to the up and coming Manc kings. I must say they were very good. It was pre-debut album times for them. We all got chatting to them afterwards, Noel was hugely likeable as were Guigsy and Bonehead . Weirdly I can't recall chatting to Liam but before the gig he offered out my mate Big Barry, but from the confines of their tour bus. He gestured out the window at our Barry. Barry just laughed. Come the end of the gig my friend Nancy kopped off with Liam and went back to a hotel with him. I never did ask her what happened and was he a good 'un. Shame. I like to think he was all swagger and no shagger. To be a rock n roll star and amazing in bed with give us mere mortals no hope would it. But then I'm happy with my lot so they can all fuck off, right kids?

When will this working day end?
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