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I'm glad they cleared that up for us
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Popel Vooje
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Re: I'm glad they cleared that up for us
Mar 26, 2010, 09:57
Daminxa wrote:
If I encountered a house spider under the influence of psychedelics I think I'd be rendered terminally insane(er)!

Does the conkers thing work then? I did well last Autumn in that I didn't get any here, but it's not uncommon for them to be the size of bloody saucers in this neck of the woods - one appeared in my bath a couple of years ago and it took me all day to summon the courage to remove it, and I still suffer flashbacks of the incident to this day.

I am, and always have been, utterly petrified of spiders, and much as I moan about the UK one of the major benefits of living here is that we don't get even bigger arachnids and the indiginous ones are not significantly poisonous (although they can, apparently, bite, so it genuinely isn't a good idea to handle them, not that I ever would!)

Same here. My phobia is so acute that I won't even buy imported fruit from supermarkets for fear of coming across one of those Brazilian Wandering fuckers, or a black widow. As far as finding them in my bath or sink is concerned, tap turns on the water.
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