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most Psychedelic record?
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Lonesome Cowboy Bill
Lonesome Cowboy Bill
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Re: most Psychedelic record?
Feb 03, 2010, 10:53
goosebal wrote:
Give it a whirl - it's on Screamadelica. I met him once too and thought he was ok but then again I was highly inebriated!!

Screamadelica is a good shout in itself. Fantastic album with plenty of mind altering moments. It soundtracked my early forays into the world of brain rearrangement back in the early 90's. Still sounds great to this day too.

Funny thing with Primal Scream is how they're loved or hated depending on peoples opinion of Bobby. Shame. Also a shame is that they're pretty shit these days.

But back to the thread.....

The Byrds - Untitled - The mammoth version of Eight Miles High soundtracked a night of acid munching way back and we kept playing it over and over because we kept missing the bit where the song kicked back in after the instrumental wig out.

The Orb - Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld
Country Joe & The Fish - Electric Music......
Miles Davis - Dark Magus
Caribou - Andorra

My perception of the 'psychedelic' term in relation to music is where the song creates a shift in balance, where time warps, the floor shifts, the mind opens up and you lose your surroundings and just get lost in what you're hearing. Sort of. So for me a lot of dance music using the 303 falls into that realm, some early Mo Wax, some of Animal Collective, early Funkadelic, Comets On Fire, Spacemen 3. The list is kind of endless and is a personal thing to each individual listener but obviously there are those big stand out albums of the 60's LSD era like Piper At The Gates that everyone will say is a psychedelic record.
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