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most Psychedelic record?
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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Re: most Psychedelic record?
Jan 24, 2010, 22:16
zphage wrote:
The Sea Cat wrote:
A psychedelic masterpiece for sure. I love the differences between English and American psych. Both quite separate but equally wonderful. They do seem to converge in White Rabbit though.

In a general sense, "Alice In Wonderland" framed UK psych, "Wizard Of Oz" framed US psych, with exceptions, and additional tales.

Interesting theory, except I don't really see much "Oz" in American psych -- got any specific examples of that? (Alice turns up in US psych too, most obviously that "White Rabbit" song.)

I think the US psych was more influenced by the mythology of "cowboys & indians" and "sci fi comics", which is probably what 60's heads were into as children in the 50's. And both have "pioneering" elements which is classic American mythology that fits well with psychedelic notions (pioneering new plains of consciousness.)

UK psych does have much more "literary" pretensions -- perhaps because the notion of "middle class" means something different in the two countries (of course psychedelia was not music from/of the poorer classes.) Not sure where I'm really going with this, but the "TV dinner by the pool" vision of middleclassdom (to quote Zappa) seems particularly American (and puts little value on "literature".)

UPDATE: further brainfarting on the idea of "old west" stuff in US psych -- maybe the argument could be made that the UK and USA both looked to "Indians" for inspiration, but it was two different kinds (North American vs. South Asian!) I've always found it weirdly ironic that same word gets used for those two groups . . .
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