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Edited Oct 08, 2009, 18:58
Re: Re: Stalin vs the West
Oct 08, 2009, 18:26
There were two government-instigated blood-baths in the Stalin era, one against the “kulaks” (rich peasants) in the countryside during the late 20s, and then the Great Purges of the mid to late 30’s, directed against perceived spies, etc. Priests certainly died during these campaigns, but although the early Soviet Union was “militantly atheist”, the main justification for its bloodshed was anti-capitalism, not anti-religion.

Western nations, on the other hand HAVE used religion to justify their crimes, such as the Crusades, and colonization. If one were to make a simple comparison between those killed by a Western nation (such as Spain)in the name of religion, and those killed by a socialist nation in the name of anti-religion, the Christian side would undoubtedly be more bloody.

I don’t know what the numbers would be if you were to make a flat-out comparison between those killed (for whatever reason) by the West and those killed (for whatever reason) by Socialist nations, but if you factor in colonization, I would assume the numbers likely wouldn’t be much different.
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