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"Horrorcore".... what next?
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Oct 08, 2009, 15:53
Jim Tones wrote:
Lawrence wrote:

Yeah, I know Michael Moynihan isn't popular here, but even he thought Varg's racial BS went too far, which tells you something...

Also, eventhough Moynihan appeared on 'Music, Martinis & Mysanthropy", I don't think he got the irony, wit and wind-up humour of Rice and Pearce.

Not that it has anything to do with what we were talking about, of course... Moynihan seems to be moving away from that stuff anyways.

He is pretty intense live though -- managed to see him in NYC, and he was trying to do something shamanic and it was pretty convincing I'd say. The crowd at that show was pretty weird though -- kinda like a masquerade ball and one big Satanist guy gave me the evil eye for some reason(!) I would've liked seeing one of Moynihan's early "Coup De Grace" performances if I had a time machine, though...
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