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"Horrorcore".... what next?
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Oct 08, 2009, 15:07
That's a pretty harsh indictment of millions of people based on one subjective experience. I'm sorry your personal exposure to it was toxic, but that does not mean that there are people who call themselves Xtians that match your description.

I am a secular person, for the most part... I don't know about the rest... I don't call it religion, whatever it may be. But I don't have any intense hatred for people who find comfort in some belief system, as long as their actions aren't harming me or someone else. Why should I? That kind of hate is toxic to carry around.

Do you hate the vast majority of the human race? Because by your 'fairy tale' argument you'd have to, since agnostics and atheists comprise the minority.

There's no inherent conflict between science and religion. There's bad examples of both, but as long as they are understood to have their roles in dealing with first the material world, and second the ethical/cultural/spiritual world, there's no reason why there should be so much bad blood.
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