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New Brain Donor album - opinions here, please...
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Shelby Mustang
Shelby Mustang
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Re: New Brain Donor album - opinions here, please...
Feb 15, 2009, 00:27
funny thing that lot wasn't it?

my first impression as i waded through the first five or ten minutes was ' you're 'avin' a laugh aren't you?' i also thought of the emperors new clothes.

but i found it by half way through really quite interesting and paused what i was doing on several occasions to just listen. odd things were going on in my head, i'm not sure why but i felt like i'd only half tripped specifically on microdots. it was almost like not quite cumming. left a taste of pizza in my mouth.

the hanging was pretty fucking scarey. it was kinda (to me ) the audio equivalent of the dirty hillside bereft of people gawping at the corpse swinging and the corpse just hanging there limply as life what's left of life is squeezed out of it slowly to the point it's just a drip dripping of energy and memory. scared me a bit as i say. perhaps i was having a flashback or it triggered in me a thought that i had on hallucinogenics once. maybe.

sighs....i dunno. it's not what i'd call a hook laden album by any stretch of the imagination, but the hooks were in me enough to rotate it several times back to back.

didn't feel exhileration afterwards. felt fucking exhausted and sombre.

it won't be a heavy rotation album but i remember the first time i dropped a microdot and the next day the guy who tripped the shit out of the night with me as well just said 'fuck that, i'm not doing that shit again' and i thought to myself. 'i know you aren't' and i kept going back in fucking search of chapel perilous i guess.

that's what this album's like for me. it's decaying, i can smell it.
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