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New Brain Donor album - opinions here, please...
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Re: New Brain Donor album - opinions here, please...
Feb 13, 2009, 21:06
keith a wrote:
Out of the words of babes...

"Do you think he just does this (Brain Donor) for a laugh? Or just to annoy people?"

(My ten year old on hearing some of the extended, seemingly never ending album finale).

Yeah it does go on a little bit but it's the one bit of the album I don't like, still an 8/10 album for me.......as for an extended, seemingly never-ending finale (including albums) I think I'd throw Des O Connor to the wall to be shot for crimes aginst my hearing before a Brain Donor album :-)

"Just About Now" works though for me as the pace of the song just gets quicker and quicker, at least it makes you feel like you're getting to the top of a peak after a nice long yomp.

Then again you just have the perfect Donor songs like "Get Off Your Pretty Face", "Like A Mutherfucker" and "Hairy Music"...songs that everyone should know and sing along to.

I'm really getting into the new album, wonder if Julian can do the seemingly impossible and improve on "Black Sheep" with the new solo album....."Black Sheep" was my fave album of last year.
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