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New Brain Donor album - opinions here, please...
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Edited Feb 08, 2009, 09:57
Re: New Brain Donor album - opinions here, please...
Feb 08, 2009, 09:33
It's alright. I love Cope for the songs on the one hand and the deeply meditative inner space journeys on the other so for me this is not essential in the way that Cain'd and Orgasm and Odin are essential.

The Hanging with its X Ray Spex play VdGG / Crimson riff and subsequent Space Riitual like meltdown is the best thing on it but there is none of the armadillos-in-our trousers Fun House vibe of the earliest BD releases. I quite like the bits that sound like they are edits of studio jams.

Listening back to the last one it's as if Brain Donor is the outlet for channelling whatever is currently on Cope's turntable. Me I prefer the way the Dogntank record disitills its influences. With a nod and a wink and from the foundation of the song. Like Cheap Trick. If that record was a pop tart (sugar coated, hot and sticky in the middle) then this is an especially chewy malt loaf. It sounds like a fun record to make and long term it could be quite nourishing just not my kind of fun.

So all in all for 12 quid, unless you especially love the Groundhogs meets Sunn O))) meers Moorcock thing they have going this week, then I'd pick up Spaceship's record first. It's the more satisfying listen of the two. To my ears at any rate.
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