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New Brain Donor album - opinions here, please...
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Re: New Brain Donor album
Feb 05, 2009, 10:44
Well I stood at the sink with cpl of days worth of dishes to do
(we don't have a dish washer cuz we is skint! or should I say skinflinTS!)

I checked out all the cope blurB and who he had playing on it as I always do in true stOner fashion. I must admit I do love the cover and the whole lay out of this new braiNed Donor album. Nice!

I Put it on proper loud and it wasn't tOo bad actually. One deffo has to be in a mellowed out frame of mind for this one to really get the trIp!

It didn't seem tOo DoOmed out and I was getting bitz of groundhOgs, which is a great ting to have in your music! Even verging on Psychedelic melt down. Its a grower me thinks & although I am no fan of SLOW slow sludge ouT metal there is more of Cope trance than Sludge going on here.

This is a trippy album and I'm liking the experimentation of it. I was a little worried it may be a sludged out Kettamin yawn, but it wasn't.
And it took me on a Cope journey, which is always a good ting.

I will deffo be giving this strange album a good few plays for I feel there is a lot to discover here.

Without meaning to sound like a sycophantic nobend ... I dig the trIP!

7 OUT OF 10!

(((bRAINed MorOn)))
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