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a feeling : no really new music can be recorded any more.
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Sep 02, 2008, 15:34
singingringingtree wrote:
IanB wrote:
I haven't read Drummond's book. What's he saying?

i haven't read it either, but his website used to have huge chunks of it on there ... just checked + he's taken 'em down ... guess they're in his new book now ... well, guess a man's gotta make a living!

there was some nice things re spending a whole year only listening to artists beginning w/ the letter "P", then a different letter for the next year, + general boredom w/ the easy availablitity of recorded music now.

here's link to preface, so you prob ge tthe gist = http://www.the17.org/opening_chapter.php

also check his no music day = http://www.nomusicday.com/2006/

his choir, The 17, doesn't perform to an audience, just themselves (as i understand it, there are 17 people in the choir, hence 17 tickets to each event) - he provides the score + a bit of a directing hend, then they record the piece to a Mac, listen back to it once then watch as it's deleted from the hard drive ... of course it's all conceptual art + stuff, but there's the germ of a good idea in there, + maybe a way out of much of the ennui that's making itself felt on this thread ... he's looking for ways to Make It Special again. Was it you Ian somewhere in this thread said a return to live music was a way out? you may have an ally ...

That *is* interesting. I am not sure if I said that or not but I do agree with it.

For me the Dunes the live sets have been 1000x more interesting than the record and there is definitely a blink-and-you-miss-it disposability to it all that is preferable to the finality of saying "done" in a studio thing. It is especially true when we have had random people join us for a set. There is one musician who just keeps turning up to play. He can't rehearse but comes along when the doors open and just does his thing (beautifully). The randomness of strangers can be a great source of inspiration. To me at least.

I also like The Bays thing - never make a record, every show is an improv, stick all the music on the net for free. Seems about right.

And thanks for the update on Drummond. I like the sound of his choir project though the ritualised chucking away of whatever results is too fixed an idea for me. Why not just give the recording away to another artist and let them do what they want with it? Or just loop it up on the net somewhere (NOT myspace) and let people stumble across it like a piece of public art. Now that would be interesting.

That said I can see his point. We ask too much and too little of audiences these says. Why *not* cut them out of the equation and make music all about participation. Love that. Instead of selling tickets to shows you sell places on the bandstand. Genius. If a bit Tony James.
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