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a feeling : no really new music can be recorded any more.
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Edited Sep 02, 2008, 14:53
Re: a feeling : no really new music can be recorded any more.
Sep 02, 2008, 14:45
singingringingtree wrote:

And, i know it's outside yr point that mainly relates to rock bands, but there are scenes where "learning to play" in any accepted sense, doesn't make any sense ... like noise, or a lot of electronica ... i mean, can Masonna "play", or Florian Hecker? or even Aphex Twin?

Aphex can apparently, Orbital & William Orbit most definitely can. Actually I reckon there are plenty in the more experimental end of electronica that can too, there are a few releases on Zymogen and also 12K from people with degrees in music. If there is a university somewhere doing music degrees that don't require you to cut score or perform traditionally, and well, let me know and I'm signing up. Plus there is the whole electro acoustic scene where not only learning to play, but being able to play well is tbh essential. Same goes for the noise scene from what I know of it (Incidentally if anyone has copies of Gavin Bryars really early noise experiments FFS let me know). But yeah, I reckon there are more people involved in electronica that have absolutely no musical 'playing' knowledge or background and on the whole they're not much cop.

As much as I too kinda dislike Ians point about it's importance I reckon he has a point in as much that some sort of (albeit only basic) understanding of music theory is required, even if you're just knocking out soundscapes and edited found sound collages. The physics of sound and music production is however a more important skill in electronica than playing ability, definitely. Mind you, a mixer, decks, racks etc are instruments as far as I'm concerned, and can be played as such.
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