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a feeling : no really new music can be recorded any more.
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Edited Aug 29, 2008, 18:53
Re: Rock careers and the end of music!
Aug 29, 2008, 17:00
stray wrote:
oh definitely, but even a car cassette system has speakers which is very, very different to headphones. Moot point though yeah, but the margin of difference is considerably larger.

I agree, partially, about the triumph of the bland. But, if you have labels, netlabels, blogs you can trust its still all okay. The print media has no way to keep pace, in fact no promotional platforms can keep pace, identify quality anymore. Thats becoming increasingly true for netradio and blogs too. I don't think its as bad as you make out to be, I'm still finding stuff thats good to me by narrowing my sources, but I can see it getting there eventually.

Oh yes that's true. I still find stuff that turns me on but none of it is finding its way through the cracks into a broader consciousness. There are lots of frontier's people making and listening to music but we are like a lost tribe of Israel or something. We have no voice. We have no influence on the mainstream music consumer. So the Vertigos, Harvests etc have no reason to exist.

I want the stuff that is great to sell as much as possible so they can keep on doing it and doing it with greater resources rather than be stuck unheard in commercial backwaters. Sadly there are dozens of really good artists selling micro quantities and hundreds and thousands of average and below average ones selling nothing. People like those of us who inhabit this board will always find a way to access the true poison but for most people whi like to think of themselves as music fans, in the absence of reliable filters (a&r, journalists, radio, promoters), it is the average artists who clog up the avenues at the expense of those with something interesting to communicate.

I was quite encouraged to see Burial and Unthank in the Mercury list for 08 but even if they win it's worth less than 20,000 sales (if that) because they wont be heading for any playlists or colour supp covers any time soon.
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